We don’t charge a percentage of your refund, or a percentage of your income, or a percentage of anything! What you see is what we charge.


Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard®

50% Discount
  • Required if you have no U.S. bank account
  • Used for direct deposit of your refunds
  • Usable anywhere with ATM machine
  • Transfer funds to your bank account online
  • Allows us to withdraw our fee only after you receive your refund.

Signing and Priority Mailing

When Return Cannot Be E-filed
  • Applies for each federal and state return not qualified for e-filing
  • Fast and affordable option to private carrier from outside U.S.
  • Includes Power of Attorney form for signing and mailing
  • You sign digitally, so no need for mailing from you
  • Your returns are mailed from the United States through Priority USPS mail with tracking.

With a Payoneer Pre-paid MasterCard®, our fee is withdrawn only after you have received your full refund. Using your U.S. bank account, 50% of our fee is paid by e-check when your return is completed, and the remaining 50% is paid only after you have received your full refund. 

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