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  1. Emilio
    Rate 5

    Incredibly good service!
    Fast and smooth and fantastic communication throughout the whole process!

  2. Nicholas
    Rate 5

    This service was perfect: simple, easy to understand, and very efficient. My questions are also answered clearly and efficiently via e-mail. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable way to get their tax refund.

  3. MB
    Rate 5

    Overall, I was very pleased with the service and glad I chose them to do my J1 tax refund. They did everything quickly and were very responsive. I would consider using them again next year. Thank you!

  4. Winsy
    Rate 5

    I was very impressed by the help and prompt replies from Gary. I almost know nothing about US Tax for non-resident. Gary replied promptly, patiently and precisely. Very professional, very caring. Many thanks again………

  5. Sahij Preet
    Rate 5

    Unmatching promptness and professionalism

    I will recommend all J1s to file your taxes through GW carter(Highly Reliable). Especially Elaine has some of the best expertise in client handling.

  6. Rafaela
    Rate 5

    Excellent service! Simple, efficient and reliable. I have absolutely no complaints. Elaine answered all of my questions promptly and patiently. I highly recommend this company!

  7. Hleung
    Rate 5

    Fully agreed with all of the comments above. Elaine answered my queries promptly and patiently. Very caring and very professional. Procedures are simple and reliable. Thanks a lot Gary and Elaine. I have no double in recommend GW Carter to my friends (and I did). Feel very lucky can have a great tax accountant like Gary and Elaine 🙂

  8. Olena
    Rate 5

    Great and simple service. The person who worked with me, Elaine, is a professional who gave the answers to all the questions I had.

  9. Jean-Baptiste
    Rate 5

    Perfect service, the accountant was very reponsive for all questions I had, and my return was done very quickly. Highly recommend this service over sprintax which is only an automated software with poor customer service.

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